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Castle Acre Primary School

Tuesday 9th June


Spellings to practise today and use in a sentence  are:

Gryffindor/Ravenclaw :  couple  double  trouble country  courageous

Slytherin/ Hufflepuff :    couple  double   trouble   country    courage

English for all

Today you will be writing a diary entry. 

Watch this video. It tells the story of The Enormous Pumpkin.

In this story a farmer plants seeds in a field and waits to see what will grow. She falls asleep and on waking finds the most enormous pumpkin!

Think carefully about  the farmer's actions and feelings.

Here's a checklist of the key features to use when you write a diary entry.

  • Start with 'Dear Diary’.
  • Describe the places where the events happened.
  • Write in the past tense.
  • Use pronouns like I, my and me to show that the events happened to you.
  • Talk about how you were feeling or what you were thinking when each event happened

Task : Imagine you are the farmer planting the seeds  and write her diary entry for the day.

To help you there is an example of a diary entry attached below which might give you some inspiration for your own writing.There is also a planning sheet and template to use if you wish. You can write your diary entry straight into your book too.


Mental maths

Focus Division

Year 2 : ÷ 2, 5 , 10, 3

Year 3 :÷ 3, 6,  4, 8

Year 3

Today we are continuing to focus on equivalent fractions .

Click on the video link below.

Then complete the Year 3 Fractions for all. There is also a further challenge to try if you wish.

Have a go at the fraction game as well. It starts off quite easy but then becomes progressively more difficult!

Year 2

Today we are learning about non- unit fractions.

Click on the link and watch the video clip.

Complete Year 2 fractions for all.

Then have a go at one of the Year 2 1,2 or 3 star challenges if you wish.


Today we are going to create a digital collage on the computer or if you prefer you can create a traditional one using paper and different types of materials.

A collage is a work of art made by gluing pieces of different types of materials to a flat surface.

The theme is Plants. It is up to you how you wish to do it. You may wish to create a collage of a plant/flower using different types of materials. Or create a collage using pictures of flowers and plants you have found eg in magazines ,printed from the computer.

You might create your collage using a word document by finding pictures on the computer of flowers and  trees and arranging them on you page by overlapping ,rotating, resizing them.

The choice is yours , as long as the collage has a flower/ plant theme!