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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Hello all, 

Hope you are all safe and well.  Work is detailed below. You can take photos of any work completed and send to me via Class dojo. Details to come later this week on a zoom catch up time and lesson. As I put on the main page, can the children please make sure they are reading at least ten minutes a day, ideally to someone else. This the best thing they can do for their learning hands down and will help them in their writing, confidence, and understanding across all the subject areas and in their tests as they get older. 

PE: Please do PE with Joe Wicks on his Youtube channel 

reading: please read for ten minutes and either write a paragraph explaining and summarising what happened in what you read today or a book review to recommend the book to others. 


have a look at the powerpoint on adverbs. These are words which describe a verb. 

Eg I lifted the lid of the box.  Lifted is the verb. I can add an adverb to describe how I lifted it. E.g I slowly lifted the lid of the box. 

watch the video on adverbs

and then watch the video on task 2 .

Task 1: complete the sheet on adverbs to check we are confident what they are

Task 2: download sheet 2. These instructions aren’t very good. They are missing adverbs. Your challenge is to re-write them and add in adverbs. Also add in as much other detail as possible. Think about where someone might go wrong and make sure the instructions explains this.


Please practise the spelling rule on the website for 10 minutes. There is a segmenting link and a link for practise and test on this website. 

year 2:

Year 3:    

Maths : we are looking at written methods for multiplication 

YEAR 2: Watch this video on a numberline and then solve the questions attached below.

Year 3: watch this video on the grid method and then solve the questions attached below.  


Learning Objective: To understand and apply knowledge of what all livings things need to survive.·