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Narborough Primary Academy

Wednesday 13th May

Phonics / Spelling /SPAG

Spend 5 to 10 minutes practising your spellings from the sheets you have been given.

Year 1 - select one of the activities below:

 Phonics Bloom Phase 5

Listen to the daily phonics lesson on Letters and Sounds for home and school

Listen to Mr Thorne Phase 5 phonics

Year 2 - select one of the activities below:

 Phonics Bloom Phase 6

Play a game on the Phase 6 Morning starter powerpoint attached.


Year 1 - Choose a story or reading book from home to enjoy reading to yourself or your family. Remember you can choose a book online from Oxford Owls. After reading the book see if you can identify the following nouns in your book: place, person, object. Write the nouns you find into your exercise book. Write three sentences in your best handwriting. Each sentence should include one of the nouns.

Year 2 - Watch the powerpoint that explains about different types of nouns.

Can you turn these common nouns into a proper noun? Write them in your book.

month, country, continent, teacher, day of the week, ocean

Choose three of your proper nouns and write a sentence for each. 


Mental Maths Train - play a game of your choice for 5 minutes.

Y1  - Whiterose Maths Lesson 3 - Add and subtract worded problems

Y2 - Whiterose Maths Lesson 3 - Subtract 2-digit numbers

The worksheets are in the attachments below.


The following topic activity can be continued for the remainder of the week.

I would like you to design and make a boat that will float on the water. With your family have a look around your house and garden and collect materials and different items that you could use to make your boat. Check with your adult that you can use the materials first!

These are some of the things you could use: plastic containers, sticks, straws, playdough, fabric, egg cartons, sponges, foil, plant pots, cardboard

Think about how big you want the boat to be, will it have a sail? Experiment with different materials to see whether they float or sink. Can you make the boat move? Is it strong enough to hold anything in it?

The main thing with this activity is to have fun and explore with the different materials. You will need a basin of water to try out your boat. Look at some pictures of boats online to help you with your design. I look forward to seeing your creations!