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Castle Acre Primary School

Wednesday 15th jUly



Click on year 3 & 4 Spelling rule 5 (prefixes)

Click on Year 2 Spelling Rule 34 (common exception words)


Year 2 Lesson 3  Find Durations of Time

Click on the link below to watch the video clip.

Complete Year 2 lesson 3 Sheet for all attached below.

 Use some of these websites to practise' Telling the Time'

Year 3 Capacity and Measures 

Use these  websites to practise  and improve your understanding of capacity and different measures

Animal Project

Complete your props and once you have your cue cards , in your group practise and take the first video, evaluate it, can you improve it? Was it the best you could make?

English For Year 2

Continue with your Book about The Adventures of A Tiny Dragon. Don't forget to include pictures.


Ask your parents / adult before you do these experiments.

Here are a few fun experiments for you to do, have some fun with hands on science.