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Narborough Primary Academy

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Phonics / Spellings / Grammar

Y1 - Download the 'igh' text from the attachments. Read the text which has lots of 'igh' words to spot. Answer the questions about the story.

Y2 - Download either the mild or hot contraction work sheet from the attachments. Find and re-write the words in the text that can be shortened to contraction words. Try to write the word using the correct spelling. 


Click on the links below. Please complete the activities and the worksheets which I have uploaded. There are two worksheets per year group but I am happy for you to choose just one to do. Y2 - if you choose the worded problems you can choose whether you work out the problems with 1, 2 or 3 stars. 

Y1 - Ordinal numbers

Y2 - Working out how much change


Watch the animation video of the Little Boat. There are no words to go with the video so you will need to watch very carefully and listen to the sound effects. Here is the link to click on Little Boat Video

What happened to the boat on its journey? Listen and watch again. Write down any words or phrases you think of that describe the journey. Try to think of adjectives that describe the sounds, the weather, feelings, what you see etc. Draw a picture of the boat in your book and write your words and phrases all around the boat. 


Today we are going to try to solve a mystery. Why was a ship as strong and as well built as the Titanic capable of being sunk on its first voyage?  Download the cards from the attachments. Talk about the possible explanations with an adult. Not everybody agrees on why the Titanic sunk.  I wonder which explanation you think is most likely? You can write your chosen explanation in your book.