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Narborough Primary Academy

Wednesday 22nd April

Phonics and spelling

Continue learning to spell the words on the lists from yesterday. Try to think of different ways to learn them. For example, choose a different colour pencil or pen when you write down the phoneme in the word you are learning or the letters you add to change the word. I have attached the same lists as yesterday but with examples of using a different colour to help you learn to spell the words.

 Year 1 - Practise reading Phase 5 tricky words by spending 5 or 10 minutes playing the tricky word truck game

Year 2 - Play Plural Pirates game for 5 or 10 minutes to help you practise spelling words with s, es or ies on the end.

Plural pirates


Have another look at the story picture from yesterday. Click on the Year 1 or Year 2 story question sheet attached. Copy the questions carefully into your book. Think about what your answers could be and write them as a full sentence. Remember to use 'think it, say it, write it, check it'. 


Clink on the websites below and complete lesson 3. Watch the video then complete the activity. Don't worry if you can't print off the pages, you can just write the answers in your exercise books.

*YEAR 2, if you do not have a ruler at home to measure with please do one of the attached maths sheets instead*

Year 1  - Make equal groups (sharing)

Year 2 – Measure in cm

Topic - Computing

Watch the following video to remind yourself about coding and play the game ‘Does not compute’.