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Narborough Primary Academy

Wednesday 29th April

Phonics / Spellings

Please continue to spend 5 minutes or so practising the spellings from the list you have been given. Remember to go at a pace that suits you.

Year 1 - Listen to the daily phonics lesson on Letters and Sounds for home and school.

Year 2 - Play the Phase 6 memory matching game. 


Daily reading - Re-read one of your reading books, story books or the story of the Titanic you had from last week to help develop your fluency. 

HANDWRITING focus! I have seen some fantastic handwriting from some of the children but as we have not been having our daily handwriting practise some of you will benefit from a little more practise.

In your exercise book see if you can write out the small letters e.g. a, then the ascenders (tall letters) e.g. t and then the descenders (letters going down past the line) e.g. y. Remember to sit the letters on the line, start with a whoosh and finish with a flick! 

Now practise wring sentences using your best handwriting. You will be writing in the past and present tense. If you need to, go back to Monday's English activity to help remind you about writing in the past and present tense.

Year 1 - Write two sentences; one in the past tense and one in the present tense. Start with 'Yesterday I.......' then 'Today I .......'. 

Year 2 - Write four sentences; two in the past tense and two in the present tense. You could start with with 'Last week / Yesterday  then  'Today / This morning. 


Spend 10 minutes on the Daily ten - Level 2 Multiplication. Year 1 practise x2   Year 2 practise mixed x2 x5 x10

Year 1 - Whiterose Year 1 lesson 3 - Finding a quarter (2) Watch the video the complete the activity. Remember you can write your answers in your exercise book.

Year 2  - Whiterose Year 2 lesson 3 - Four operations with length. Watch the video the complete the activity. Remember you can write your answers in your exercise book.

Personal, Social and Emotional Health

Emotional well-being Click on the link to watch a video about our own feelings. After the video think about how you are feeling at this moment. What could you do when you feel sad?  Maybe you could draw pictures of all the things that make you feel happy! If somebody in your family feels sad you could draw a picture of all of their favourite things to cheer them up!

Daily Act of Worship/reflection

Click on the link below to take you to the BBC website

The way things are: How the rhinoceros got his skin