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Castle Acre Primary School

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Hi everyone, we're already half way through the week! Keep up the fantastic work everyone!

We are going to be releasing some Dojo Challenges on the Class Dojo story very soon and we'd love for you to take part! They are going to be a bit of fun and the adults (and hopefully parents!) are going to be getting involved too! 




Look at this photo of Gregory with his Grandparents.

Can you remember what is happening in the story when this picture is shown? (You could listen to the story again if you're not sure!  

How does he feel? Why does he feel like this?

Look at the photo of Gregory’s Grandparents’ house, what is different about this house to the types of houses we live in?

Could you draw a picture of your house to see how different it is to this one? 


Can you fill in the missing numbers in this subtraction game?

Reception – Click on the 'up to 10/20' game. 

Continuing with our Position and Direction learning, have a go at one or two of the Home Learning Challenges attached.


Let's Look at a Map!

What do you notice about the two places I have circled on the world map? How could you compare them? 

Could you find 5 different animals which live on Trinidad and Tobago? Have a go at drawing and labelling them too. 

Year 1


Practise reading those pesky nonsense words as well as real words using the Reading Robot!


Today's task is attached at the bottom of the page and is about Gregory Cool (the book you listened to yesterday, you can listen to it again here if you need to:  


Can you fill in the missing numbers in this subtraction game?

Year 1 – Click on the 'up to 100'

Describe Position

Continuing from yesterdays lesson, fill in the gaps using the words: left or right

Follow the instructions to colour in the shapes (this could be done on a mobile device or on Paint on a computer):

Then have a turn at the activity sheet attached at the bottom of the page. 

Fancy a challenge afterwards? Have a look at the challenge sheet attached too! 


Can you create a table comparing Tobago with the United Kingdom? 

Find out this information: 

Size of countries

Temperature/climate (select a few months of the year to compare the temperature)

Location (in the world)


Which oceans/seas surround the countries?

Bonus challenge: Are there any places in Trinidad and Tobago which have the same name in the UK?