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Narborough Primary Academy

Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning,


Spend 5 minutes practising your spellings. If you have a dictionary you could look up the definition of each word. 


Mental oral starter.

Y2 Fishing Pictograph Game | 2nd Grade Math Games | Toy Theater

Y3 Practise your division facts, remembering to use your times tables to help you. So to work out 60 ÷ 10 think about how many 10's are in 60? - division

Main activity.

Y2 - Drawing pictograms.  You will need your pencil and the worksheet.

Watch the video and pause where necessary to complete the questions. There is a worksheet to aid with this.

Sorry the video cuts of slightly, but create your own pictogram and perhaps write down what you notice from your findings.

Y3 - Interpreting pictograms

Watch the video then complete the worksheet in the resources.



Apostrophe for possession

possessive apostrophe shows that something belongs to or is connected to something else.

Watch this clip to learn how to use possessive apostrophes and have a go at the activities at the end.

Reading and writing

This task is for Year 2 and for those in Year 3 that need to work on punctuating sentences accurately. Watch the video with Miss Mitchell reminding you all about capital letters and full stops.

Task - The printer made a mistake and missed out all of the punctuation in a re-telling of the Peddler of Swaffham. Can you help them by copying the paragraph out and adding in the full stops and capital letters where they are missing? (see resources)

Year 3 who can confidently use full stops and capital letters we are going to learn to use inverted commas for speech punctuation. Listen to Miss Mitchell explaining how to punctuate speech here.

The printer made a mistake and missed out all of the inverted commas ( speech punctuation) in a re-telling of the Pedlar of Swaffham. Your challenge is to help them out by copying the paragraph out and adding in the inverted commas for speech where they are missing. (see resources)

PE and rest

Join in with Joe Wicks. Miss Mitchell will be adding some more PE home challenges soon so keep your eye on Class Dojo! 

Take time for yourselves this afternoon to choose an activity you really enjoy. If you need some ideas don't forget to look at the activity sheet I attached on this week's home learning page. 

Keep smiling and have a super day!