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Castle Acre Primary School

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning.

Today’s spellings  to learn and put into sentences are:

Year 3:     explain   vain  terrain    trait   bait    remain

Year 2 : plainness     argument     bottle  middle   apple



Year 2 CPG Comprehension Book 1

Read ‘Our Solar System ‘and answer the questions in full sentence.

Year 3 CPG Comprehension Book 1

Read  ‘Robotic Baby Penguin’ and answer the questions in full sentences.

Year 3 CPG Stretch Target Book

Read the extract from ‘Five Children and It’ and answer the questions in full sentences.

Choose one of the extra activities to complete.

The Witches Reading Group

Read the 'The Emperor Penguin' Comprehension and answer the questions in full proper sentences.


Year 3

Fractions of a set of object

Look at the  BBC bite size link  to remind you of the difference between unit and non-unit fractions

Watch the video

Complete the Year 3 Fractions for all sheet and / or Thinking together sheet

There is also an extension task, ' Fraction Challenge Year 3', which you might like to try as well.

Year 2

Watch the video about division as grouping

Now complete the 'Year 2 Division as grouping' sheet.

There is also a Year 2 Grouping  Extension Challenge with answers!


This week there is another Virtual Games Challenge. This week it is Netball.

Click on the link below to find out what you have to do. 

Here are a  few activities you may like to do:

Visit the Let's Ride Local website

Design your dream cycling top

As part of its Let's Ride Local campaign, British Cycling is running a competition to design your dream jersey ! The information and entry form are attached below.



Go on a nature hunt

Use your senses for a nature hunt on your next walk or from your window! Can you:

  • Touch three pebbles that have different textures
  • Find a sweet-smelling flower
  • See a bee buzzing by
  • Spot a butterfly on the wing
  • Hear a bird singing
  • Spot 3 different types of tree and name them
  • Collect natural items along the way to create a piece of  artwork when you return home