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Narborough Primary Academy

Week 1 - Tuesday 2nd - Friday 5th

Phonics / Spelling / SPAG

Each day spend 5 minutes practising your spellings. I have attached new lists for those children who are ready to move on.

Choose one of the following activities to do each day:

  • Write 3 sentences using words from your spelling list.
  • Complete one of the sheets from your Grammar Hammer pack (collected from school before half term)
  • Watch a phonics lesson - Phonics lesson
  • Download a SPAG mat and answer the questions.
  • Choose a phonics game - Phonics Bloom


Daily reading - spend about 5 minutes reading a book of your own choice. Remember you can use Oxford Owl if you wish - Oxford Owl

This week our focus for English is Poetry. 

Tuesday - Watch the video and listen to the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. Here is the link  Download the poem to read together. Children who find reading a little tricky can read the first verse only. 

Read the poem and see if you can identify any repeated phrases. Underline or write the phrase in your book. Can you spot any rhyming words? Write the matching pairs in your book. Are there any words you have not heard of before? Talk to your adult about what they might mean.

Wednesday - Download the Comprehension sheets for ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. Re-read the poem then answer the questions. Write the answers in your book. There are three different levels so please choose the level most appropriate for your child.

Thursday – Re-read the poem thinking about the following features:

  • Who are the characters?
  • Where is the poem set?
  • What are the events that happen?

Year 1 - Draw and label the characters in your book. Write a sentence to describe the setting. Write a sentence to describe what happens.

Year 2 - As Year 1 (see above) Can you also write a sentence to explain why this is a 'nonsense' poem? 

Friday - 'Free write Friday'. 


Spend 5 minutes playing a game of your choice from below:

Year 1 - Click on the video links then download the worksheets to complete.

 Lesson 2 - Recognising and naming 2D shapes

Lesson 3 - Sorting 2D shapes

Lesson 4 - Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes

Lesson 5 – Friday Maths Challenge

Year 2 - Click on the link below to watch the activity then download the worksheets to complete.

Lesson 2 – Sharing

Lesson 3 – Grouping

Lesson 4 – Odd and even numbers

Lesson 5 – Friday Maths Challenge

Topic  - You can choose to do these activities at any point in the week that suits you.

Geography - Learn the names of the Continents and Oceans and find out where they are in the world. Watch the Powerpoint in the attachments to find out about the Oceans.

Click the link the play the game Continents and Oceans

Science - June is the month for '30 days wild!'. The Wildlife trust have prepared lots of fun activities. Sign up for free by clicking on this link - Wildlife trust

Here is one of the activities for you to try this week - A to Z of wild things

Art - Watch the video - Drawing sea creatures

Can you have a go at drawing your own sea creatures?