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Narborough Primary Academy

Week 2 - Friday 12th June

Phonics / Spelling / SPAG

Please see Monday 8th June for the list of this weeks activities.


You may wish to choose what you would write today as it is 'Free Write Friday'. However if you would like to have a go at writing your own version of another poem I have attached one for you to read. 

Y1 - You can have a go at thinking of your own words to put in the missing spaces.

Y2 - You may wish to make your poem a little longer and write it out in your exercise book. Perhaps you could challenge yourself to write a poem for another season of the year?


Spend 5 minutes on one of the Maths games you have enjoyed playing this week.

Y1 - Friday's Whiterose Maths Challenge - here is the link: White Rose Friday Challenge

Y2 - Friday's Whiterose Maths Challenge - here is the link: WhiteRose Friday Challenge


Today you are going to watch a video called Barnaby Bear goes to the Seaside. Here is the link: Barnaby Bear

Listen carefully and see if you can remember three facts you have learned from the video. Write them in your exercise books. 

Extra challenge for Year 2! Listen out for the vocabulary - harbour, port, quay and cliffs. Can you find out what the words mean?

Y1 and Y2 - You might like to draw a picture of the seaside or something else you saw in the video e.g. the lifeboat.