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Castle Acre Primary School

Week 2 - Friday 12th June 2020

Info for parents: Just to keep you all informed, I will be uploading the last of my tasks on Monday and Tuesday next week as I will be back at Castle Acre from Wednesday.

I have created a new folder on the right hand side named 'Project Tasks' which are to be worked from after Wednesday 17th June 2020. There is a phonics, maths and 'topic' task which I will add to the folder. I have put the first lot of tasks in the folder for next week for you to have a look over if you wish. 

Hi everybody! It's Friday, yay!

You have the last part of At the Beach to listen to today which you can find by clicking the link in your learning plans below - the link to the video is if the links do not work. 

There is a Music challenge that Miss Clifton wanted me to share with you, you can read more about it here: I'd love to see what videos you are able to create!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! If you need anything, don't hesitate to contact me on Class Dojo.