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Narborough Primary Academy

Week 2 - Monday 8th June

Phonics / Spelling / SPAG

The phonic activities below are for the whole week so please only choose ONE activity to do each day. I realise for some of you that you cannot always access the activities so please feel free to work through your Grammar Hammer sheets instead. You may also like to spend an additional 5 minutes practising your spellings. 


Activity 1)  Choose a daily phonics lesson to watch. Click the link here Phonic Lesson

Activity 2) Have a go at answering the questions on the Y1 SPAG mat attached.

Activity 3) Complete the Phonics sorting sheet for the phonemes ai, a, ay, a_e (You can write the words in your book if you don’t have a printer)

Activity 4) Practise learning the alternative pronunciations of Phase 5 phonemes by playing the Squirrel game on Phonics Play. Here is the link New Phonics Play. You will need to login with Username: march20 and Password:home. Select the 'Free Games' and look for 'Acorn Adventures'. 

Activity 5) Play the Runway game which will help you remember, read and write sentences. Here is the link: ICT games Runway

If you have any problems downloading the phonics games you can choose any of the other phonic games we have been playing on New Phonics Play or Phonics Bloom 


Activity 1) Watch the BBC game being played talking about past tense verbs (you can pause if you want to have a go at writing the correct answer down as it goes through them quite quick). Here is the link BBC Past tense game

Activity 2) Play this snakes and ladders game to practise the different spellings of past tense words -Snakes and Ladders Past tense game

Activity 3) Have a go at ‘Changing the tenses’ worksheets attached. Choose which level you think is best for you.

Activity 4) Have a go at answering the questions on the Y2 SPAG mat attached.

Activity 5) There are some word mats attached with different past tense verbs. Choose a sheet to read. You might like to add some of the words to your spelling lists. Try to write a sentence using a verb you are not familiar with. This activity can be ongoing as there are a lot of words!


We are continuing to look at poetry written by Edward Lear. Today we are learning to listen to the poem and recognise repeated phrases.

Watch the animation and listen to the poem of ‘The Jumblies’ by Edward Lear. Here is the link - Animation of The Jumblies

Download the poem from the attachments and have a try at reading the first verse of ‘The Jumblies’. 

Y1 - Draw a picture of the Jumblies on their sea adventure and label it using words from the poem (there is an attachment if your child requires help with the labels). Can you write one repeated phrase from the poem? 

Y2 - Draw a picture of the Jumblies on their sea adventure and label it using phrases from the poem. Can you include the friends in the background and write a speech bubble using a phrase they are saying?


Spend 5 minutes playing the odd and even number game. Here is the link: Odd and Even

If this activity does not work on your electrical device please select a game from the Daily 10

Y1 - Click on the link - Year 1 WhiteRose Maths and select Lesson 1 - Counting in 2's. Watch the video activity. Complete the worksheet in the attachments.

Y2 - Click on the link - Year 2 WhiteRose Maths and select Lesson 1 - Unit Fractions. Watch the video activity. Complete the worksheet in the attachments. 


During our Science work this half term we are going to learn about 'Habitats'. 

To help us learn about the different types of habitats we are going to watch the video clips on the BBC Bitesize Science Daily lesson. Here is the link: Bbc Bitesize Habitats. There are 3 activities they suggest after watching the video clips. You may choose one to do if you wish but you do not have to complete any of the activities. This is just a starter activity to help us in our Science work.