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Narborough Primary Academy

Week 2 Wednesday 24th June

Phonics / SPAG / Spelling

Y1 In today’s Phonics you are learning about the “o-e” digraph.

You might also like to play the yeti Yes/ No game and practise reading some sentences using the digraphs and tricky words you have learnt. Here is the link:

Y2 Download the SPAG attachment below and have a go at answering the questions on the sheet. You might also like to try one of your grammar hammer sheets.


Y1 - Click on this link - Whiterose Year 1. Watch the Lesson 3 video 'Comparing numbers' then have a go at completing the attached worksheet.

Y2 - Click on this link - Whiterose video.  Watch the video 'Describing Movement and Turns' then have a go at completing the attached worksheet.


Listen to Chapter 3 of Paddington Bear to see what adventures he gets up to this time! Here is the link - Chapter 3-

Today you are going to have a go at imagining you are Paddington and writing a postcard to Aunt Lucy. See if you can use the following prompts to help you:

1) Tell Aunt Lucy that you have arrived safely and how you met the Browns?

2) Can you tell her what happened when you went to the cafe and then got in the taxi?

3) Tell Aunt Lucy about the bath incident!

4) Don’t forget to be polite and ask how Aunt Lucy is or a ‘wish you were here’, for example.

Y2 Try to think of some ways to start your sentences so that it sounds like Paddington is talking to Aunt Lucy e.g. “You’ll never believed what happened…

As you write your postcard, keep reading it aloud and looking for any mistakes or parts you could improve. 

Here is an example of what a postcard might look like:


Please continue your project work that was set on Monday.