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Castle Acre Primary School

Week Beginning Monday 13th JUly

This week’s topic is ‘Endangered Animals’, however it  will be slightly different because it is the last week of term. As usual there will be a mixture of activities you can choose to dip in and out of. We have also included a transition booklet for both year 2 and 3 which we would like all of you to try and complete in preparation for the start of the new term in September.

Daily spellings will be posted, as well as maths activities and a selection of topic activities for each day.

The Transition Booklet is attached below. Just complete a couple of pages a day either using the booklet itself or creating your own on paper. Feel free to add more pictures or information if you wish.

Another issue of the OpenUpScience Magazine is attached below.Have a look and try some of the activities . In this issue, we’re exploring all things about Biodiversity.

Animal Project : The activity this week is to make a film about the plight of the orangutans.This is primarily for Year 3,4,5 and 6. However if you are in Year 2 and want to have a go then feel free particularly if you have a brother or sister in one of these year groups.

There is a separate English task for Year 2 on the daily pages if you prefer.

This week you are going to be looking at an endangered species. We have chosen the orangutan as this is probably not the first animal that you would think of. If we had asked you, you would probably have said, rhino, leopards, tigers and elephants.

We would like you to use the research information and sites that we have attached and make clear notes either by printing off the information and highlighting it or making your own cue cards.

These are the things you will need to think about to include in your report.  If you are in school, you could create and produce this as a group – make sure you all get in front of the camera though!

If you have siblings across these year groups work together if you wish.

  • Visual items to show to camera – such as a picture of an orangutan
  • a map showing where in the world they live,
  • maybe sweets or products that contain palm oil (you’ll understand this once you read the information attached)
  • maybe a banner in the background.
  • You might want to set up a table/desk so that you look like a news reporter (this might help you if you need to use your cue cards to remember facts/information)
  • Images
  • Websites written on a sheet of paper to show to the camera at the end of your report
  • Being animated – this means show enthusiasm, change your tone and volume of your voice to keep the attention of your audience. Use facial expressions, body movements have a look at this link (its slightly over the top – but will give ideas for speaking to camera
  • Dress Up – have fun with this.

Take your time to research well – set yourself a timetable

Monday – Research / Cue cards (cards with prompt notes on, not the full information)

Tuesday – Create your props

Wednesday – Practise and take the first video, evaluate it, can you improve it? Was it the best you could make?

Thursday – Shoot the final video, check it and upload it to class dojo or send it to the office and they will send it to your teacher.

If you are unable to make a film (phones are good to use) then produce a written report using:

  • Subheadings
  • Paragraphs
  • Wow facts
  • Images
  • Websites to go to for further information
  • An impressive front cover

Most of all, make this fun, involve the whole family, embrace the fact of NOT writing (if you make a film), but remember research and practice will make for a brilliant film.

Post your film on Class Dojo or if you have any problems doing this send it to the office email and they will forward it to your teacher.