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Castle Acre Primary School

Week Beginning Monday 15th June

Week 1 – Nocturnal Animals

This is a week long project that will be part of a larger project that Mrs Neary would like you to bring back into school on our return.

Please see in attachments the full project across the Year Groups and read the initial 2 pages for further information.

You can still post work on Class Dojo if you wish and you can contact us  as usual through Dojo for help and assistance, that has not changed.

Spellings/Phonics - see sheet in attachments - this is to be completed each day over the week as directed

Also don’t forget your weekly spellings to learn and practise:

Gryffindor  :   probably     gently    simply     possibly    terribly    fully     daily    accidentally    actually     occasionally

Ravenclaw :probably  gently  simply possibly  terribly  fully  daily   slyly   actually occasionally

Slytherin/Hufflepuff: simply  possibly terribly fully  daily  quickly  really  finally probably gently

Maths Lessons - See in attachments - this is to be completed each day over the week as directed

Year 2 /3

Research:  Video on Nocturnal animals - primary KS2 Information KS1/ KS2 - short video clips about nocturnal animals around the world KS2


Create a fact file on a nocturnal animal.

Look on the Nar Valley Animal project for examples of  the Y2/3 planning template and examples to remind you of the features needed – be as creative as you can. This could be in the shape of your animal of choice, it could in the shape of a full moon, surprise us.

There is also  extra information about nocturnal animals attached below to help you if needed.

If you are up as we go into the evening, go outside, sit quietly and listen, what do you hear? What do you see?

Curl up and enjoy as many books and stories about nocturnal animals – there are so many out there


Build a habitat. Any habitat you like, a bug hotel, a hedgehog, owl or rodent for instance

See attachments for advice and instructions on a hedgehog home, but there are many others you could research. Go and have a look around your garden, can you see a natural habitat. Turn over a log, what’s underneath?

Take a photo for your project – send the photo in , we could then make a gallery on the website – How to build a hedgehog home video


Create a picture / sculpture of your chosen animal. Use a medium of your choice

  • Paint
  • Crayon
  • Sketch
  • Pastels
  • Collage
  • Textiles
  • Junk modelling
  • Recycling material     -    Take a photo and send to us on Class Dojo

PE: Don’t forget to take part in the Norfolk School Games ‘Rainbow Run’ on Friday 9th June, click on the link to remind yourselves of what it is about.